INNOVATION CLUB: Path of Success for Innovators of Tomorrow

This is an empowerment program focused on nurturing children, teenagers and youth to innovate. The program is designed and organized by our center to help participants develop their capacities, relations and aspirations in today's multi-faceted and fast-paced global community. Path of Success works in collaboration with parents, teachers and community members acting as mentors who want to nurture the next generation in becoming innovators through exposure to the latest research, innovations and development practices worldwide. The program is designed to help participants develop a better understanding of their talents and a deeper awareness of the need for social, economic and ecological balance as they pursue their path of success in life.


Children learn quickly and their proper education is of the utmost importance. Childhood is the most significant and consequential period of one's life. What happens at this stage will set the tone for the rest of one's life. This is where the foundation of human development and patterns of behavior are formed. Childhood is the orientation stage of human development. Therefore, a comprehensive and integrated education model which include character education and capacity-building is critical to their development. Path of Success mentoring program for Children focuses on this critical stage of human development by helping children build their capacities through actively studying and practicing human virtues as well as developing their interests, talents and aspirations. The ideal mentors for this stage of development are the parents while all members of community do have a responsibility to serve the needs of the new generation.  


Teenagers are highly receptive to role models and sensitive to how things are done. Having received love and attention during childhood, they are now ready to enter a new stage of development. Teenage years are the most critical time for understanding and recognition of the concept of service which in turn can lead to self-recognition. Here, the building blocks of one's future career can be identified while pursuing the process of capacity-building. This is the recognition stage of human development. Therefore, learning about of the various fields of service as well as exploring the needs of the global community is crucial for the success and fulfillment of teenagers.

Path of Success empowerment program for teenagers focuses on this key stage of human development by helping teenagers develop their capacities through systematically introducing innovative initiatives, inspiring stories, self-assessments and service opportunities. Through this visionary approach, teenagers can have a better understanding of self, their interests and aspirations while planning their path of success in serving the needs of the community. The ideal mentor for this stage would be college-age youth while parents and community members could act as support.


Youth are the vanguards of change in the advancement of civilization. Having been nurtured with love, education and care through childhood and teenage years, now they are ready to serve the needs of society. They have the greatest potential to initiate innovation, create opportunities and lead the world. With proper support they can take the community to new heights of achievement. This is the Initiation stage of human development. Youth are essentially the potential agents of change. Their ideas and innovations form the foundation of global leadership. However, they do need the support of the community and institutions to reach their potential.

Path of Success empowerment program for youth focuses on this stage of human development by helping youth develop their understanding of self, the ability to evaluate the needs of the community and the skills to initiate specific lines of action to serve needs of the global community for social, economic and ecological balance. The program mentors work closely with the youth to charter their path of success through innovation and creativity that could lead to social enterprise, public service, artistic creations, scientific inventions and environmental initiatives.

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