Each individual and every member of the global community -- regardless of ethnic background, gender, academic standing, religious belief or social status -- can play a major role and provide support in achieving social, economic and ecological balance. The support role can be that of a researcher, mentor, consultant, evaluator, contributor or promoter of the programs and activities. You can also support and participate in our programs as innovators, creators, social entrepreneurs, public servants or agents of change. No matter what your level or form of contribution might be, the goal is to achieve a balanced development model.

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Community is defined as a "unified body of individuals with common interests..." . in the early days of the dawn of civilization, humankind realized the need for living in groups and communities for spiritual growth and material well-being. In fact, unity and prosperity in the community translates into the happiness of the individual members.  Whether we are focusing on the family as the most basic unit of the community or we are thinking about our friends, neighbors, colleagues, fellow believers, or just members of the human race, the need for building a more cohesive and harmonious community is paramount to human happiness and social progress.   

Here at Center for Balanced Development (CBD) we are constantly striving to improve the conditions of life through our research and programs. The role of the community in this process is absolutely essential. Furthermore, by supporting our programs for children, teenagers and youth the community itself would be transformed. We offer a special workshop for communities on how to create a more unified, prosperous and safe place for everyone.

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Institutions of society play an essential role in the process of development. Throughout history civilizations have been defined by the maturity of the public and private institutions of that society. Great empires have been created and destroyed as the institutions of the society have risen and fallen. What the institutions offer to the public in terms of support, freedom, opportunity, protection and peace could be the difference between a united, prosperous and advancing civilization or a fragmented, impoverished and backward society. The importance of the work and responsibility of the institutions cannot be over-emphasized. Likewise, individuals and communities have the great responsibility of supporting the process of the maturity of the institutions.

Center for Balanced Development "The Next Stage" consulting program (see details under Programs) for institutions is based on our framework for a balanced development model. The program is designed to help start or expand a social enterprise or assist public institutions to serve the needs of the community for social, economic, ecological balance in the process of development.   
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